It is failry obvious that Information Security holds a very important stance in today's digital Era. The filed is rather new. Although cyber attacks have been around since history, it is only recently that a systematic study of Information Security has been undertaken. and in a very short span of time, this field has virtually dominated every other domain of computers in one way or the other. Every Organisation, every individual, faces unknown threats from unknown parties. Thus the study of Information Security is important, regardless of what role an individual has in the IT sector. It is always better to be safe and on guard than to regret later.

About CISC

CBIT Information Security Club was started with an aim to provide the student community with quality training on the fundamental principles of Information Security. We don't believe in giving away demos , guides and a few tools, and say we are done. We believe that theory and foundation of the concerned subject matter is the top priority. We believe in teaching students the reason why a vulnerability may arise, how to look for common vulnerabilities in software, and also how to develop suitable exploits to demonstrate the Proof Of Concept (POC) attack and then we go about giving some followup on how to mitigate those vulnerabilities, essentially sharing the concepts of secure coding.

About Spyry Technologies

Spyry Technologies is a Bangalore based Information Security company that specializes in providing digital security to their clients. The company has numerous clients from across borders, like Book My Show, and a few others. The company also provides corporate training to employees of the IT sector who wish to learn the principles of Information Security. So far, the company has held numerous workshops across the country, and also holds a record in Limca Book of Records for conducting the longest marathon cyber security training event. Founded by Mr Arjun and Mr Santosh, the company has already trained a lot of students and has succeeded in motivating many young minds towards pursuing this exciting but rather infant field of computer science.