A three day complete hands-on workshop on Information Security, Vulnerability Assessment and Exploit Development.


March 17th,18th and 19th 2017.

How much?

Rs 500/- per head


Main Assembly Hall,
Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology,
Gandipet,Hyderabad,Telangana 500075.


Please follow the link below to register for the workshop. Kindly remember that your registration is not complete until we acknowledge your payment.



The students of CBIT who wish to attend the workshop kindly ping K Rajender at 7013096695, and you can pay him a net amount of Rs 500/- per head, in person. You will be given a slip confirming your payment. We shall mail you an acknowledgement with a few hours. Should it take longer than 6 hours, ping us back. Please remember to carry your acknowledgement email to the workshop as we shall be verifying the same at the workshop.

The students who do not belong to CBIT, kindly follow the payment gateway at:
Send us your proof of transaction, (the screenshots or whatever) to cisc2k17@gmail.com with your name, contact and your registered email ID attached. We shall verify your payment and mail you an acknowledgement within a maximum window of one day. If it takes longer, kindly ping us back. Please save your transaction proof and your acknowledgement mail as we shall once again be verifying the same at the workshop. Update on Paytm facility....
Since many people are asking us for a payment through Paytm, we are are now accepting payments through Paytm as well. To make a payment through Paytm, please follow the instructions below.
1.Transfer a net amount of Rs 500/- to the Paytm account number 8801033784, with the account name Sharathchandra
2. In the comments section mention your name, registered mobile number and email ID.
3. Inbox us a screenshot of your proof of transaction, and we shall be mailing you an acknowledgement.
4. Please retain your acknowledgment mail and your proof of transaction, as we shall once again be verifying it at the workshop.


At the end of the workshop, there would be an assessment exam and a Capture The Flag event.
Spyry Technologies would be offering internship opportunities to the students who top the assessment exam.
Additionally, the toppers of the assessment would be getting merit certificates.

About the Assessment exam

The exam would be conducted by Spyry Technologies, which shall include topics covered in the workshop.

Capture The Flag

Capture The Flag event is where you shall be given applications with a few intentional vulnerabilities and asked to bypass the application's defenses. Once you break into the application, you shall find a flag, which you need submit to claim your points. The applications that would be given in this workshop shall be limited to what has been taught in the workshop, so that students can get an experience of bypassing application defenses by themselves. The advantage is that your instructors would be available right next to you so that you can clarify any queries or seek help on any problems you might be facing during this Event.


Every student shall be getting Certificate of Participation, along with a toolkit that contains a few tools, some E-books, a few sample code snippets and scripts, along with a complete Operating System that has all security measures disabled by default, which helps in easy learning of the concepts. There is also an option in the Operating System to enable these security measures, if you wish to test how well your exploit fares against the standard security mechanisms.

About Internship with Spyry Technologies

1. Your internship Offer is valid for a period of one year. You have to intimate the company one month in advance to when you wish to join.
2. A minimum stipend of Rs 10,000/- is guaranteed, on top of which your performance would decide any hiking.
3. You shall receive extensive knowledge, training and experience of working with real world applications, dealing with real world cyber attacks in real time
4. The company shall offer its lifetime support, would recommend you to other companies associated with Spyry for roles of a security engineer.


K Rajender 7013096695